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Liners Ready Now Terms

Our list of liners ready for immediate shipment. All have been graded as #1 plants. Orders must be shipped or picked up within 30 days of confirmation. Orders held beyond required pick up date will incur a 5% per week(compounded) additional charge for maintenance of your material.

No dollar value minimum is required, however minimum purchase quantities by variety as listed do apply.

We extend credit to our established customers only, all others will be Balance Due Before Ship. In the event that you are sent to collections for non-payment, you will be responsible for the full amount owed plus the 25% collection fee. By placing an order with Buchholz Nursery, you accept responsibility for all terms stated herein.

When sending payment, please include your business name and Buchholz sales order number on your check or money order. Customers failing to send a non-refundable deposit within 30 days risk cancellation of their order.
Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards accepted and encouraged.

We offer shipping through common carrier typically UPS Ground when weather permits. 3-Day, 2nd and Next Day are available COLLECT upon customer request. (CUSTOMER ACCT NUMBER REQUIRED). If you have an established carrier account number, please provide with your order.

Smaller quantities of 4” pots through one-gallon size material can sometimes be shipped semi-bare root at our discretion via common carrier, however additional handling and packaging charges may apply.

In cases where a customer has ordered both liner and specimen material, we will ship boxed liners with the specimen material via truck.

All plants are F.O.B. Buchholz Nursery. We are not responsible for damage once our plants leave the nursery. We take a great deal of time and care when packing to ensure their protection. Plants become the property of the customer upon delivery to the carrier. Any claims must be submitted in writing within five days of receipt of stock.

In addition to the cost of shipping materials, an $14.00 packing and handling charge per box will be applied.

All shipping to be arranged by customer. Above terms apply with a $120 processing fee and $31 Phytosanitary fee (subject to change) additional. Please provide import permit (if required) and chosen method of delivery along with freight collect account information at time of order placement.

Cancellation of plant material after an order is confirmed costs us additional time and expense. If you are not positive you want an item then please don’t order it. All cancellations are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Our staff is pleased to advise you if you are not sure if a plant is suitable for your area. Additions, of course, are always welcome.