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Assorted Maple Program

We welcome you to join some of our long-time garden center customers in the Buchholz Maple Program. We offer #1 and #3 size pots.

Note that the selection includes high-demand plants and new varieties.

It is gratifying to visit your garden centers and see our plants next to those from another source. However the cost may vary, the best value is with a Buchholz plant.

Available for immediate shipment. Minimum order for #1 size is 30, for #3 size is 25.

#1 Size
30: $15.90 each
100: $14.90 each
300: $13.95 each

#3 Size
25: $36.00 each
100: $33.00 each

A great way to spread "Maple Fever" with your discerning customers!