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Hello Plantsmen! For over three decades we have been actively growing plants from “The Best Corners of the World.” This list contains many plants that cannot be found elsewhere. In some instances we have a good supply, in others there is only one specimen available.

Please note that plants are continually coming onto the list, but in many instances are sold the same day.

Be sure to review our Bonsai Pot, Pumice Planters,Alpine Troughs, Mini Box, QT “Cutie” Pot and Assorted Maple Programs which can be shipped with specimens. Plants are guaranteed to be true to name and in healthy condition upon shipment. Never have we had such a fun, fantastic assortment. The creativity department works overtime at Buchholz Nursery, and rival growers and their products look rather boring in comparison.

Most nurseries don’t like it when their customers “cherry pick.” At Buchholz & Buchholz Nursery we don’t care because we grow only the “cherries.”

It is our expectation that you will be smiling long after you have received your plants, and you will only wish you would have ordered more!

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