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Magnolia 'Legacy'
Legacy Magnolia
Magnolia 'Lois'
Lois Magnolia
An upright, broad deciduous tree with deep yellow flowers that bloom just before the leaves emerge. Prefers full sun in well-drained soil. 12' tall x 8' wide in 10 years. Hardy to -20 degrees. USDA ...
Magnolia 'Manchu Fan'
Manchu Fan Magnolia
This vigorous hybrid (M. x soulangeana 'Lennei Alba' x M. veitchii) produces tulip-shaped white flowers with magenta-pink coloration at the base of the outer tepals. Prefers sun/partial shade in ...
Magnolia 'March Till Frost'
March Till Frost Magnolia
Magnolia 'Margaret Helen'
Margaret Helen Magnolia
Magnolia 'Marillyn'
Marillyn Magnolia
A hybrid from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (M. liliiflora 'Nigra' x M. kobus) that forms a medium size bush with tulip-shaped flowers in April. The color of the outer tepals is a dark reddish-purple, ...
Magnolia 'Micheko renge'
Micheko renge Magnolia
Magnolia 'Milky Way'
Milky Way Magnolia
Magnolia 'Miss Honeybee'
Miss Honeybee Magnolia
Magnolia 'Orchid'
Orchid Magnolia
Showing: Search Results 41-50 of 305 for Index M   Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10    
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