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Juniperus coxii
Juniperus coxii
A slow-growing evergreen conifer with rich jade-green foliage. Branches droop, giving it a graceful appearance. From the Himalayas into Burma. Prefers full sun in well-drained soil. 7' tall x 3' wide ...
Juniperus deppeana
Alligator Juniper
Juniperus deppeana 'McFetters'
McFetters Alligator Juniper
Juniperus deppeana 'Mt. Santos'
Mt. Santos Alligator Juniper
Juniperus deppeana 'Ohmy Blue'
Ohmy Blue Alligator Juniper
An upright evergreen conifer with intense silver-blue foliage. Attractive plated bark adds to year-around interest. Prefers full sun in well drained soil. 7' tall x 3' wide in 10 years. Hardy to -10 ...
Juniperus formosana
Taiwan Juniper
Juniperus horizontalis
Creeping Juniper
Juniperus horizontalis 'Blue Pygmy'
Blue Pygmy Creeping Juniper
A miniature evergreen conifer with deep blue foliage. Absolutely cute, and one of the most dwarf of all conifer selections. Prefers full sun in well drained soil. 5" tall x 8" wide in 10 years. Hardy ...
Juniperus horizontalis 'Copper Harbor'
Copper Harbor Creeping Juniper
A low-growing evergreen conifer with golden foliage that turns a pleasing copper color in winter. Originated as a sport on Juniperus horizontalis 'Bar Harbor'. Prefers sun/partial-shade in ...
Juniperus horizontalis 'Filicinus Minimus'
Filicinus Minimus Creeping Juniper
Showing: Search Results 51-60 of 104 for Index J   Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10    
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