Buchholz Introductions

Many of the world's best gardens have been enhanced by plant introductions from Buchholz & Buchholz Nursery. Review the exciting array of new maples, conifers and other trees and shrubs resulting from our partnership with the Flora wonder Arboretum.

Purple GhostPurple Ghost

Acer palmatum 'Purple Ghost'. A medium-size, upright deciduous tree. Spring leaves are deep purple-red with prominent black veins, then turn fiery-red to orange in fall. Very popular with gardeners; one of the very best selections in recent years.

Green ArrowGreen Arrow

Chamaecyparis nootkatensis 'Green Arrow'. An extremely narrow, upright weeping conifer that makes an impressive blue-gray vertical accent in the garden. Originally discovered on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Summer FunSummer Fun

Cornus kousa 'Summer Fun'. A spectacular upright, small deciduous tree with lush green and cream-white variegated leaves. White flowers in June and in fall the leaves become flush with pink and soft orange hues.

Miss GraceMiss Grace

Metasequoia glyptostroboides 'Miss Grace'. A small, deciduous conifer with gracefully-weeping branches. Refined gray-green foliage in summer, strong orange in autumn.

Geisha Gone WildGeisha Gone Wild

Acer palmatum 'Geisha Gone Wild'. A spectacular new maple. This small deciduous tree has leaves with purple-pink, white and green coloration. Fall color is purple-orange.

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