Specimens Specimens

For nearly three decades we have been actively growing "Plants From The Best Corners of the World." In many cases these plants cannot be found elsewhere. Sizes range from a #1 pot to enormous specimens in cedar boxes.
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Liners Liners

We are able to supply your wholesale nursery with a top selection of lining-out plants. Many choice new cultivars are first made available to American growers through Buchholz Nursery. Please note, order early, as most items sell out quickly. Search our Liners.

Mini Boxes Mini Boxes

High-end plants beautifully displayed in attractive 7” and 12” cedar boxes. Many varieties available, including wonderful Japanese Maples, dwarf and unusual conifers, and other choice trees and shrubs. Perfect for the patio or deck.
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Assorted Maples Assorted Maples

An assortment of well-grown, retail-ready maples in #1 and #3 size. Each plant is labeled with name, description and cultural requirements. A great way to promote "Maple Fever" with your customers.
Learn about our Assorted Maple Program.

Flora Wonder??? Pumice Planters Flora Wonder??? Pumice Planters

An incredible assortment of dwarf maples, conifers and other choice plants in attractive and unique pumice planters, evoking visions of rugged alpine grandeur. Your customers will be amazed! Learn more.

Flora Wonder(tm) Alpine Troughs Flora Wonder(tm) Alpine Troughs

No cheap fillers here! Beautiful 3' x 2' x 1' cedar troughs, pre-landscaped with only the finest plants from the best corners of the world. An instant alpine garden, thoughtfully arranged to mimic nature, that will bring years of enjoyment season after season.Learn more.

Flora Wonder??? Eco Pots Flora Wonder??? Eco Pots

A rainbow of colored biodegradable pots compliment a fine assortment of sought after Japanese Maples and dwarf conifers. Available as 3.5”, 5” or 6” square designer pots ready to dazzle your retail customers!Learn more.

Cutie Pots Cutie Pots

A delightful assortment of retail-ready plants in cute 4" round pots. High-demand plants include Japanese Maples and dwarf conifers. Each includes a descriptive label with plant and cultural information. Learn about our Cutie Pots.

Bonsai Pots Bonsai Pots

Bring a touch of the orient to your customer offerings with these high-end one gallon size specimens in rectangular heavy gauge plastic bonsai pots that mimic ceramic. Great for display on the outdoor dining table or deck rail! Learn more.

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